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Hey Boss Babe!🖤💕💋


First off I want to say •T H A N K Y O U• so much for the love and support!

I am a Licensed Nail Technician in Washington State! I started this business as our new home and in home salon is being re-built! Since the salon is under construction and I was not able to see clients I had a lot of lovely people ask for Press On Nails and thought I would give it a go! I was a faithful acrylic nails girl until I realized how horrible my nails became over a 10 year period and one day I had the opportunity to go to beauty school! A week into beauty school I found out I was 3 weeks precious with our lovely baby girl! It has been such a crazy journey and I love that it has finally led me to this!

I never thought I would be into press on nails but it is amazing the freedom you have with them! I love that I can pop on a beautiful set of Boss Nails for a night out when I want to feel like a QUEEN then come home and pop them off so I don’t scratch my daughter during diaper changes, or ruin them with daily chores!🙌🏼 One thing I absolutely love about press on nails is the convenience of them! You can build a collection of all different shapes, styles, and colors to go with every outfit!❤️ You can also reuse them! Whether you want to glue them or use adhesive tabs, I promise they won’t disappoint! I have searched high and low to find adhesive tabs that are sturdy and strong that I trust! I promise these aren’t like the ones from our childhood!😂 Don’t get me wrong, press on nails are not for everyone. There are some people who love acrylic nails and I love and respect that! If you need any amazing nail techs that do acrylic nails I’ll totally point you in the right direction!😍

If you’re looking for a beautiful set of nails that can be custom to any outfit, or a crazy idea that you would love to collaborate with me on, then I am your gal!🤘🏼So excited to see how this lovely adventure goes!

Once again thank you all for the love and support! I’m just a stay at home mom with a crazy dream to a perfect baby girl and a wife to an amazing husband, and I just want to give them the beautiful life they deserve! I also just want to spread love wherever I go to everyone I meet, and uplift and empower everyone I can! I can’t wait to work with you!😍


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🖤💕💋XO – Sarra

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