•Q• What are the first steps to order?!
•A• We highly recommend that you use our sizing kit to figure out your very own custom sizes!


•Q• What is a sizing kit and why do I need one?!
•A• A sizing kit comes with 10 nail sizes from 0-9 in the specific shape and length chosen. It also comes with thorough instructions on how to properly size your own nails. This way, every single set from then on out will always fit to perfection! Everyone’s nails are different, sometimes the sets of 20 don’t always work, this ensures that the nails you order WILL ALWAYS fit!


•Q• How long do they last?!
•A• It’s different for everyone because some people are harder on their nails than others. If you are not wanting nails for 2-3 weeks by using our glue, you have options for temporary nails with our adhesive tabs! We offer 3 different strengths for every one of your needs! Whether you’re wanting to wear a set of claws for a few hours to a dinner out or you’re looking for all weekend ultra strength for a VEGAS TRIP, we’ve got you covered! What is amazing about using adhesive tabs is you get to reuse the nails, save your natural nail from damage, AND build a collection of lovely sets for all outfits and occasions!


•Q• What strengths of adhesive tabs are there?!
•A• Sarra has searched HIGH AND LOW to find adhesive tabs she stands behind! We offer 3 different strengths for all different needs and occasions! Some people’s nails have even lasted as long as SIX DAYS with our least strong tabs! Once again it is different for everybody, but we know you won’t be disappointed!


•Q• Will they ruin my natural nails?!
•A• With Sarra being a Licensed Nail Tech, one thing that is dear to her heart is nail health and safety! She gives thorough instructions with everything, and makes sure that above all else, your natural nails will ALWAYS stay safe. With the option of adhesive tabs, you never have to worry about your nails being ripped apart from glue or harsh chemicals. It is also VERY important that if you use glue that you DO NOT RIP YOUR NAILS OFF!!! When you do this, you take off layers of your natural nail, which can take months to heal and we definitely don’t want that!


•Q• How long does it take to get my nails?!
•A• Once we have your nail sizes, your lovely nails will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks! Rush options are available!


•Q• How can I see all the designs?!
•A• The options are endless! You dream it, Sarra will create it! Check out our pre-made designs, view our add-ons page for colors/glitters/gems we stock and take a look at our Instagram where we have even more pictures of custom designs we’ve made for our clients! Find us @bossnailsbysarrahendrick 😍

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