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Wanting to Treat Yourself?!

Look no further, Sarra has put together a package made for the ultimate self care routine! This awesome kit will include:

  • Foot Exfoliation Peeling Mask - if you have never experienced one before, YOU my dear, are missing out!
  • Moisturizing Foot Mask - follow up that awesome foot peel with this moisturizing foot mask!
  • Hand Treatment Gloves - treat those beautiful hands of yours with these awesome hand gloves!
  • Golden Face Mask - this face mask will literally MAKE YOU GLOW! I promise it WILL NOT disappoint!
  • Foot File - cause everyone needs a foot file in their collection to keep those heels smooth!
  • Nail File - everyone needs a good nail file!
  • Manicure Kit - this is the PERFECT kit to throw in your purse, or take on the go! It has all the tools you could ever need, and more!
  • Cuticle Oil - try out our amazing homemade lavender cuticle oil! But be careful, it CAN be addictive!
  • Fuzzy Socks - honestly, I don't even feel like I need to put an explanation for the fuzzy socks! EVERYONE LOVES fuzzy socks!

The reason I included each one of these items in this kit, is because each one plays such an important role in my little routine when I want to have a spa day! Treat yourself honey! You deserve it!


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